What We Do

Show Reel

Here's a quick look at some of the exciting projects I have created and directed.

Plastic Paddies

(sit com)
When Chris’ cousin Liam moves over to London to live with him, Chris life is thrown for a loop. With the help of his friends from the local pub Emily and Ciara. Chris is going to have to learn to get used to his new house guest.

Comedy Green

(short factual)
Irish comedians recount their stories of living and performing in Britain. The good the bad and the not so funny.

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One Day In August
(feature Film)

Based in the summer of 1998. Oisín and Sean are about to finish their final year of school in Derry. Believing to have their whole lives in front of them circumstances change leading these best friends to become enemies.

The Weekend
(Feature Film)

To try and reclaim their youth Ben, Will and Jeremy try to recreate a holiday they once took in Cornwall when they were fifteen. Stumbling into the dark underbelly of drug smuggling and a centuries old story the three friends may not make it out alive.


After falling from grace chat show host Alexander Black is forced to enter rehab. With his popularity steadily declining as well as his blood alcohol level he has one goal in mind. Claw his way back to the top.